About Me

Hi! I’m Alessandra.

This is my website Arabeschi, both in Italian and English: here I write my stories and my trips as a writer around the world.

I come from humid Venice, in Italy, but I made the world as my house. I grow up around Europe following my family, I studied Foreign Literature and Languages in Naples first, in Vienna, Austria then.

In summer 2013 I moved for the first time to Guangzhou, China, to work as a volunteer for the association “Huiling”, then I went back to Venice to get a Master in Chinese Studies.

From 2014 the Italian publishing house Arpeggio Libero Editore has published several of my novels (L’amuleto di giada, 2014; Faust-Cenere alla Cenere, 2016; Esilio 2017, Memorie-La Serenissima tradita 2019).

In 2016 I moved to Beijing to attend a Chinese Language Program at Renmin University, in 2018 I started to work as an Italian teacher in Guangzhou, China.

Recently, I moved back to Europe and currently I am in Kyiv, Ukraine, where I work as a freelance writer and freelance teacher.

I am a contributor writer for the online magazines “Gli scrittori della porta accanto” and “Donne che emigrano all’estero“.